Sunday, June 29, 2014

Round Again - CD Sunday DT

Good morning, I'm back again after a couple of months away due to some medical problems with my OH George, it was a worrying and stressful time for both of us, thankfully all appears to be resolved and well again.

One of the other good things for me is I didn't put my PC on very much during the past couple of months and I'm trying to stick to only switching it on a couple of times a week, it's so easy to find I've been faffing about on the thing for ages and wasted several hours and achieved nothing at all.

I have absolutely no mojo or inclination for card making at the moment, so I spent some time going through photos of my previous cards for some inspiration.  

This time at CD Sunday our theme is 'Round Again' - re-cycled, chosen by team mate Carol.  I've not been as adventurous as some of my team mates and I've stuck to just making a card.  My recycled bits are the ribbon which I saved from something I received years ago, it's more like a strip of upholstery fabric than ribbon and has on 'odd' feel to it, whilst not re-cycling as such the turquoise paper and the image are from my paper bits box, something I printed off and used parts of previously, so that's two bits of paper/card less in the box !! - but there is a long way to go to used them all up, the image is from Thomas Kincade CDs by Joanna Sheen.