Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Memories of Sweep

A very sad day for us yesterday we had to have Sweep put to sleep, a month ago she was diagnosed with cancer in her lower jaw, we knew we wouldn't have her with us for much longer, so made the most of her last few weeks with us, (hence my lack of visits to blogs lately) she was spoilt rotten for those weeks, to anyone that knows us, they'll find that hard to believe!! as she was already fairly spoilt anyway, so lots of extra cuddles and had all sorts of treats, she was 'our baby', more like a human than a cat, accompanying us on our various travels around Europe with the caravan, Cats are not so usual to see on caravan sites, so she would frequently attract small children wanting to see or stroke her on her walks around a campsite on her lead, thank goodness she was a good traveller, she had her own seat and safety harness in the car so she could see out and would complain loudly if she couldn't see enough, she selected her special corner in the caravan.  She was 18 years old and has given us many a laugh with her daft antics. As you can know if you've ever had a pet in your life for a few years there have been lots of tears shed lately, we will miss her terribly.

This card is one I made a while ago for my very good friend Clare and also Sweeps' original owner slave. Sweep spent a fair bit of time with us before we adopted her, as Clares' life suddenly changed and was often away travelling on business for weeks at a time, so in the end it made more sense if Sweep stayed with us permanently.


jackid said...

Wendy I am so so sorry for your loss I know exactly how you are feeling as it was a week ago today we had to have our beloved Jasper put to sleep my heart is still very heavy yet feels empty with out him here so I understand you just have to hold on to the memories and soon enough the tears and heart ache will turns to smiles
thinking of you
Jacki xx

jackid said...

Hi Wendy yes they really do get under your skin in more ways than one yes I said to my hubby about you loosing Sweep and how she was very similar to Charlie she is 17 now and has 1 tooth so she dribbles a lot lol Scruff the ginger one was a stray he was so matted and dirty and starved how can people treat them like that I have no idea anyway he decided to stay with us Charlie puts up with him but she can't be bothered with him when he wants to play that was when Jasper came in he took to Scruff straight away as that was the type of dog he was now Scruff is missing him as much as we are I think as he used to lie down next him where ever Jasper was Scruff wasn't far behind and considering he hasn't been with a year I think they bonded really well
if ever you want to talk just shout my email address is on my blog and I am always around
take care
Jacki xx

Daniele said...

so sorry to haer of your loss Wendy, pets leave just as big a hole as humans, especially if they have been part of your family for a long time. Your cat was very well travelled and must have enjoyed the holidays
take care
hugs and best wishes xx

Michelle J M said...

So sorry to hear about Sweep. He looked like a beautiful fellow in the lovely card you made for his previous slave! Michelle x

starcyl said...

Wendy I know how you feel, plenty of tears and that hollow empty space.

You had a beautiful cat and friend and 18 years is a good age so think of the good times and be thankful she was your friend as she was so very special.
Jenny x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Wendy I am so very sorry that you have lost Sweep I know how heartbroken you must be but the memories will remain in your heart forever, take care.
Lorraine x

Beryl said...

Oh Wendy I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye to Sweep. I know exactly how you feel as I went through it twice last year - once with my treasured cat Pickle and then with my very old border collie Casey.
Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of her.
Love and hugs to you both.
Beryl xx

M said...

Really sorry to hear you've lost your beloved cat. The pictures of her are gorgeous and you made a lovely card with them.

sue-b said...

it is such a wrench at the heart Wendy, but what a fabulous life sweep has had all thanks to you. I have lost a best friend quite a few ago and i still cry for her.
sue-b xx

Jocelyn said...

Feel for you as I've been through this each time I've had to say goodbye to a much loved fur baby. Such lovely photos of Sweep and I know you must have some wonderful memories of your holidays together.
Jocelyn x